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Pink Project - 2100 Ribbons Donated!

Our Impact - Do the math:

  • that’s a possible $4200.00 in funds that the Barbados Cancer Society can now raise
  • that’s over 2100 families that can benefit from the awareness created by the individuals who wear the ribbons
  • that’s a whole bunch of women who have hope and can vision a future of lovingly giving hugs and kisses to the children in their lives.

This is all possible because our members put their hands and their hearts into our Pink Project. During the first quarter we were able to donate approximately 700 ribbons and this was stepped up during the second quarter to approximately 1400 ribbons made. This project is simple but has a great impact and the Kiwanis Club Pride of Barbados is proud of their Community Services Team for taking it on board and making it a yearlong project for the club.

Our club believes that the Barbados Cancer Society has done an immense amount of work to prevent and alleviate pain and suffering from cancer through their public education, promotion of early detection and prompt treatment, and the provision of patient care, support services and sincere counseling.

The Kiwanis Club Pride of Barbados is happy to continue assisting with Pink Ribbon making and look forward to being able to make another 4000 ribbons by year end.