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Kiwanis Club Pride of Barbados - Oh what a night!With great delight we welcomed the new administration for the year 2012-2013. The members of the Kiwanis Club Pride of Barbados was ready and raring to Embrace their Commitment and came out in their numbers on 1st October 2012 to support President Clifton Haynes, the Board of Directors and our Committee Team Leaders.

Members were eager to congratulate the first male President of the Kiwanis Club Pride of Barbados and have reaffirmed their commitment as we approach five years of wonderful Kiwanis Service. When asked for words that describe the club members were proud to say we are a Family, we Care, we have Fun, we have Passion for Community work and we Love to see children develop. President Clifton indicated the he was indeed pleased to lead a club where members enjoyed good fellowship and had such a positive outlook regarding serving their community and shared a vision of “embracing the community spirit and develop and reward our members through communication, education, personal development and great fellowship” and highlighted goals of

1.    To increase club membership by 3 persons by September 30,2013

2.    To intensify our education and training through the succession planning  programme

3.    To promote and enhance our club's brand in the community by participating and implementing new service projects by the end of the administrative year

4.    To effectively communicate the club's policies, practices


Our team leaders have set about their plans to make sure that our goals and the wider Kiwanis family goals are realized. 

To date, our Membership Growth, Education and Retention committee got our club meetings off to a great start utilizing a fun quiz title Kiwanis Nuggets to test our knowledge and about Kiwanis International, EC&C District, Division 27 and our Club. It was a close call and everyone celebrated with the winning team. Members are already talking about who will be teaming up to win the next round of Kiwanis Nuggets. We have once again implemented our Buddy System we will be starting our Kiwanis Objects and You activity where each meeting a member will be asked to share current information about their buddy and another will be asked to share what an object of their choice means to them.